Cuberdons - Noses

A cuberdon is a typical Belgian candy that was founded, produced and sold in Ghent, the capital of East Flanders. Cuberdons have a typical cone shape and a purple color. The inside is gelatinous and red fruit-flavored with a thin crust on the outside, thanks to days of drying in the oven. Cuberdons are made with Arabic gum from the acacia tree.

Confiserie 2000, a family business, is specialized in the production of cuberdons for decades. The founder of the company, Roger Scheir, has finetuned an old recipe to honour the caracteristics of the candy: crusty on the outside, creamy on the inside. His son Frederic continues this tradition. Confiserie 2000 – Bonbonheur is known for candy of the highest quality, produced in an artisanal way.

The VLAM, the Flemish agency for agro-marketing, has recognized the red fruit-flavored cuberdons of Confiserie 2000 as an official regional product in 2009.

Fruits de luxe

Pectin based confectionery with 35% fruit pulp

Amusettes - Lydia

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Our orangettes are pectin based confectionnery with a fresh orange flavour. Our Haricots and figures are made with a soft vanille flavour. Always with real Belgian dark chocolate.


Gelatin based confectionery


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