Amusettes - Lydia

Gift packaging

Pineapple, lemon and orange flavour

Agar slices 200 g

Pineapple flavour

Pineapple points 200 g

Big packaging

Rumrocks 1 kg
Fruitpoints 2 kg
Pineapple points 2 kg
Agar - slices 2 kg 

Fruits de luxe

Pectin based confectionery with 35% fruit pulp


Our orangettes are pectin based confectionnery with a fresh orange flavour. Our Haricots and figures are made with a soft vanille flavour. Always with real Belgian dark chocolate.

Cuberdons - Noses

Gum Arabic based confectionery. Soft inside. Different fruit flavours and also the original raspberry flavoured cuberdons.


Gelatin based confectionery


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